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Hey fellow HPA guys.

In order for a "more useful" forum I'm suggesting adding the sub-forum like:

"Tuning results" or "Dyno results" or whatever in that topic in which - to keep it informative - it would be very nice where HPA members could:

- Show off the final result of a certain project // tuning service they performed on a certain spec car

- Explain a bit how they approached it and what the goal was

- Add any useful information about what their hurdles were along the project lines - what issues they encountered, how they solved them etc.

Troubleshooting forum - stuck along the lines of a project?

- Write in detail the specs of a project and where it got stuck - either ECU/wiring/build related

- Post logs, analysis and get help for troubleshooting a certain map problem

I believe the addition of those two would clean up the "General tuning" and "Build thread" forums from posts that don't really belong there.

Also - Andre - my suggestion is that some forums need a bit of rules in terms of what and how things are posted. I'm a big supported of HPA and the way it's developing and I include myself with knowledge at every point I feel I have something useful to add. But let's face it - sooner or later - if not moderated the forums Will turn into a "I got dem problemz wit dem wiringz in mah evo, plx help". Moderating and applying rules - Will reduce the forum post number slightly, but it Will increase the quality of forum posts by a whole lot - which I think that is the direction HPA should be going. EFI is getting more and more complicated by the day and some people Will have to accept that - not everyone can "learn to tune an M1 ecu with buttersmooth shifts sequential gearbox 800hp" in a week. It goes slightly against the slogan of HPA - which I agree with - it is a science and everyone can learn, but I really am hoping that you Will steer this as a community that develops each other along the way.

The last suggestion is - over the time of it's existance, forum posts show who knows what he's talking about and some who are here to improve and learn, but as the forum grows - like every forum - there Will need to be a way to be a way to distinguish a "post you can trust without giving it much thought" and a post where "someone posted their opinion". I think this can be achieved by providing proven skilled tuners that include themselves in debates with a "Proven Tuner Guru" (just a joke suggestion) tag on their forum name. It probably needs to be separated a bit more in terms of "EFI Guru", "Engine Building Guru", "Motec Guru", "Link Guru" etc. but - eventually Andre, you Will not be able to reply to every single thing that gets asked and as the community grows - there Will be those that Will instead of you - be able to answer the same questions over and over again in "slight variations" or even the possibility of car brand specialists - "Evo guru", "Subaru guru" etc... What that achieves is - people tend to be more helpful for the likes of digital glory and furthering their business and the "new guys" can find confirmed useful information faster. It's a win win for the community really.

That's my 0,019 euros (2 cents).


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