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Adjust Lag time but engine can't start and IAM is not equal 1

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I have BRZ MT with turbo, Port Injection of hks 440cc and running with E20 fuel. Speed Density Enabled after 3,000 RPM.First, I have problem with Advance multiplier that is not 1. its 0.2-0.56 I don't know and never have experience of this. I can't advance ignition timing. My ignition timing is only about 5-15.Is it about hardware or need some change of others map? or is it about fuel quality?Second, I adjust the Lag time a bit higher because I need VE not too high. I tuned until Afr is match to the target AFR. and VE is about 100-110%. But I have problem of start the engine. the engine tried to start but need to put some of throttling to it until 30 seconds then the engine idle is working fine.What map do i need to tune? Map scaling, or something else? in order to make the engine start normally.

I attachment of ECUTEK file tuned in image.

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I'm doing my best to understand the questions, but to start...DAM of 0.2-0.56 indicates serious engine knock. Nothing else causes that.

The cause of the knock could be mechanical, poor quality fuel, tuning, or a combination of them.

If sensor values are reasonable during start attempts, check for low battery voltage. If voltage remains 11 or higher during cranking, I'd focus on cranking fuel values next.

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