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Adjusting injector timing mms

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Hello everyone

Just a quick question if you guys could help me, So Iam going to be adjutsing the fueling on a Seadoo Ski and the tables are corrective on injection tables at the moment all are around 1.02 1.00. I have lambda to read from which was inatalled and their are lambda tables but the ecu does not have at close loop at all, the guy from the company said it does not from those tables as well with out having lambda to the ecu, which is the first time I have heard that before.

But my question is I meeded to know a rought estimate of how much does the mms timing incresase or decrease the fiueling by ie lambda?, only a rough guide then as I tune it will not take me so long.

Thank you before hand

Ps I did try to adjust the Lambda tables on their own but they did not do anything.

thank you

As a rule of thumb .01 change in lambda is 1% fuelling. This isn't entirely accurately as the further away from 1.00LA the more fuel that is required to complete a change.

To go from 1.0La to 1.1La you need 9.1% less fuel

To go from 0.9La to 1.0La you need 10% more fuel

To go from 1.0La to 0.9La you need 11.1% more fuel

To go from 0.8La to 0.7La you need 14.3% more fuel

You can use the formula ((Actual Lambda / Target lambda)-1)*100 to give you a percentage of change for your fueling.

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