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Adjusting Knock Sensor Sensitivity

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Hello all,

Okay, so first time doing such as thing adjusting the knock sensor sensitivity, so my question is how it should be done correctly and also does it needs to be done on a dyno?

What ECU are you using and what type of knock sensor?

Hondata Flashpro stock honda sensor (Honda civic fn2 type r k20z4 uk version)

Before doing anything you need to actually confirm the ECU is or is not capable of detecting knock correctly. I'd start by validating the knock control with an ausdio knock detection product. You should find the ECU accurately detecting the knock that you can hear audibly. If this is not the case and the ECU is either detecting false knock or ignoring real knock then you need to adjust the sensitivity. I'm not familiar with what this looks like in the Flashpro software but I'd start by increasing or decreasing sensitivity in increments - Usually if you make a decent jump initially of maybe 20-25% this will quickly show you the effect of the table rather than making tiny changes and seeing no effect.

If the engine is stock or close to it then there should be no need to adjust the sensitivity.

Thank you Andre:)

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