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I have written code in M1 Build for a custom firmware package that works with the AEM wideband instead of the LTC. LTC have recently had their price reduced, so that is still what I typically use. But for custom firmware on a turbo V12 with individual lambdas, the AEM 4-channel pressure compensated wideband is the right choice.

Depending on your skills, it may be possible to completely simulate an LTC behavior with the dash. The LTC manual details the CAN protocol, be sure you receive and respond to all the messages. MoTeC CAN Instpector tool is the right way to see the various messages going between the LTC and the M1.

Good Luck!

It does make life a lot easier if you have an LTC installed as you can then just send out the relevant channels for the AEM unit to keep the ECU happy. Of course this is a bit of a bandaid as you'll have no proper diagnostics on the AEM wideband. the correct option is definitely to write custom code as David has done but I know this isn't achievable for everyone.

As Kawin has mentioned it looks like two of the channels in the attached template might have been on the same CAN address so this needs to be ammended to suit.