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Aem 5barmap on link ecu.

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Hello Andre i want to chk this out Aem 5bar map to the Link ecu sofware.under analog input calibration table 4 i have notice a A output value and a B out put value.in voltage A 0.05v and B 4.5v A output value O psi as lower value i can enter there i canot enter e negative value like it should be -14.7 hg only the B value can be 60.3 psi .Aem data sheet show 0.05v -14.7psia and at 4.5v 60.3psi. How do i get around this map sensor calibration.

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How can you have negative absolute pressure? 0 is a perfect vacuum.

Having said that, you must do all sensor calibrations in metric units. Use KPa specifically for a MAP sensor. You can still display the MAP in any units you like, just the calibration should be in native units so that CAN bus etc broadcasts correct values

Below would be the correct settings:

Thanks for the relpy Adam .

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