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AEM CAN-BUS expansion modules with a link G4 plus

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Got a question for you guys, I am really wanting to save some of the inputs and outputs on my ECU for some other things. my other question is how would you go about figuring out the can bus addressing on the AEM expansion modules to be able to set this up in a link g4+ plus or is this even possible? Really I am just looking to use this so I can connect my stock fuel level sensor and would like to be able to use the full set of inputs and outputs and some how relay this to the ECU.

AEM provide the CAN template for all of their products in the user manuals so you can definitely set up the G4+ to accept CAN data from AEM devices.

Be aware there are some limitations with what you can do with CAN inputs and outputs. Before you commit to buying something, play around with the software to see if it can do what you want. For instance on/off type outputs are easy but for PWM outputs over CAN you can only do a couple such as FP speed control, Wastegate or idle valve. You cant for instance send out a GP PWM table.

For inputs there are 8 generic "CAN AN Volt" channels and 8 x CAN DI's & 8 x CAN EGT's, then various others such as oil press or fuel press. For the generic CAN AN Volt channels is you cant assign units and a cal table. You can usually scale linear CAN sensors to give meaningful numbers using the CAN multi/divider/offset but the units will still display as "volts".

Below is the present list of inputs that can be received over CAN, you will notice fuel level is not an option. What do you want fuel level connected to the ECU for, what would you use that input for?

Hey Adam,

I am actually trying to send this through the CAN-bus I already have created and just have an AEM cd-7 pick it up. The other inputs I was wanting to use for maybe cruise control, maybe just some GP on/off conditions, honestly not sure what I am going to do exactly yet but I have a few ideas I am kicking around.

You can use the AEM expansion module to do what you propose. Also for a low cost CAN analog input option, take a look at this one: https://www.autosportlabs.com/product/analogx-4-channel-analog-to-can-interface/

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