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AEM CanBus CD-7 setup

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I have an AEM CD-7 dash connected via CanBus to my Haltech Elite 2500. The AEM supplied addressing works and reads the appropriate channels so I know the data is moving thru. I have 3 channels that I want to bring over, i have the correct address direct from Haltech. But for the life of me I cannot get the AEM to pull the data. I must have them setup incorrectly. I will post a screenshot from the AEM dash software shortly.

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The CD7 dash can receive data from Port1 and Port2. Be sure you're configuring the port that is actually wired to your ECU, the screenshot shows you configured those channels on Port2 (near the top-left part of the screen). That screen only shows a partial list, but I don't see any other ECU channels displayed so I suspect the ECU may be wired to Port1.

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The AEMNET GPS is on Port1.. I have the Haltech connected to Port2 and am reading data in the preset channels that come from AEM-Haltech config. Its the bottom three that were not in the default as they are in the ECU as generic sensors.


You would be better to share the actual configuration file as a screenshot doesnt give much of the story.

But looking at your screenshot and knowing the common basic CAN that Haltech uses I would say your multiplexor should be turned off, your length should be 16bits (not 2), your start position should be 8 for the 0/1 byte channel, 24 for the 2/3 byte channel and 40 for the 4/5 byte. And most likely if it is a percent channel it will want a scalar of 0.1 too.

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