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AEM EPM no cam sync

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hello all,

im trying to do a COP conversation on my b18c, but really seems to run into a problem.

i have a k20 coils, rywire pnp harness, aem epm and a aem inifity 506 with aem pnp harness 30-3501.

from my research i found that AEM is not happy with the rywire pnp harness (COP-RSX-S2000-COIL-HARNESS)

because it's sharing the Ground (epm+coils)

so i built a harness that connects to the epm, plugged it in, gave it a 12v after switch, solid ground to the chassis, connected the rywire harness to the coils, plugged the epm..

edit: to connect the epm i took 2 wires from the AEM NET plug number 1+2 on the plug side and 34+35 on ecu side.

connected to ecu 25+26 pins, and the plug side to individual plug that i made.

gave it a go.. nothing.

the only shine of light is that right after i stopped the key turn, it showed a lil bit on cam data.

tried with the rywire harness, same thing.

went over my settings, all good.

it would be great if someone can look at my logs and tell me if i missed something..



Your original Honda CAS is a reluctor based input but the AEM EPM is a dual optical type sensor. This requires you to change the trigger input setup to suit. Have you done this?

Yes, all settings where adjusted to the new setup, aem epm is selected for trigger inputs, sequential coil.

All wiring checked and seems ok.

In the logs i uploaded, i can see that i get cam signal write after i stopped cranking the engine (can see that the voltage is getting back to 10+..)

Thought that someone more experience then me can tell me what is the issue..


Have you checked to see if you have 12v at the EPM while cranking? I'm just wondering if perhaps you've used a power feed that is only live when in the run position?

Another test would be to remove the EPM and spin it by hand or even with a drill to see if you're getting rpm in the ECU.

Thx Andre.

I didn't realize that a car have a 12v that is turning off while cranking.

Connected it to the battery for test, now i can see cam and crank data.

Another question, is it ok to connect the coils+epm to the 12v output on the aem infinity aux?


I'd recommend connecting it to the 12V supply to the ECU personally.

will do.

I'll keep updating, thx.

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