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AEM Infinity - '02-'05 WRX Crank/Cam Issues

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Recently just found out after installing and connecting a AEM Infinity 506, that a '02-'05 EJ205 Subaru WRX isn't supported in the Crank and Cam Wizard?

The '04-'07 STi setup is in there, the crank setup is the same (36-2-2-2), but the EJ25 uses a hall effect cam sensor instead of a VR that is used on the EJ205.

I currently have the car setup in batch fire, but would definitely prefer sequential obviously.

Is there a work around on this? Has anyone used an Infinity on a EJ205 with factory VR Crank and Cam sensors, while using factory Crank and Cam pickups? Surely I'm not the only one who has done this.

I cant really answer your question related to the AEM capability, but just wanted to point out that the hall effect Vs VR is not the only difference. The EJ25 has 3 teeth on the cams, the EJ205 only has 2.

I have found the AEM Infinity relatively inflexible when it comes to oem patterns. I like to use VR sensors for crank position, and that works find using the Mazda MX-5 / MZR pattern on a MoTeC M1. However, when I tried to use the same setup on an Infinity, like you I found the option wasn't there. I had to install a hall-effect sensor.

So, I bet that your workaround is to install a Hall-Effect sensor from the EJ25 if it can be done. Or get AEM to update their pattern (updates seem to be measured in years with AEM not weeks or months).


Ended up modifying the factory crank sensor sprocket and making it a 12-1 tooth count and also removing one of the pick-ups on the cam gear for the cam sensor.

Car does exactly what's its suppose to do now.


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