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can anyone tell me where to find the boost fuel compensation table in the infinity tuner software, im looking through the wizard and through all tabs on an 8h and cannot find where to set that up

What are you trying to do? If you want to run a richer mixture with high MAP pressure, you do that in the Lambda Target Table (found under the Lambda tab). There are also two fuel trim tables (found under the FuelTrim tab) that can change the amount of fuel at specific MAP/RPM values.

thanks david but I am trying to set the boost fuel compensation table so the ecu will do the work for me, I will tune the ve table NA and with the bfc table setup the ecu will add the correct amount of fuel when boost is introduced (basically a fuel multiplier, which there is a formula for), I am familiar with hondata products and know where to find those tables but I cant seem to find it in aem infinity

It sounds like you've got a lot of experience using the previous Series1 EMS and Series2 EMS products from AEM, which had a pulsewidth-based fuel map and a compensation table that was often used to add fuel based on manifold pressure (boost). Common values might have been 0% trim at 100kPa, +100% fuel at 200kPa, etc.

That concept of a boost compensation table is built into the VE / speed density calculations in the Infinity's fuel strategy without you needing to define it in a separate 'boost compensation' table. It's pretty common for cars to have the same same value in the 100kPa and 200kPa cells in the VETable, and the ECU will calculate twice the airflow at 200kPa compared to 100kPa (due to the higher manifold pressure) and inject twice as much fuel. One other thing that you should know, the ECU will also adjust its fueling calculations based on your LambdaTarget values... in other words, if you tune the engine with LambdaTarget = 12.0 AFR and then change the table so LambdaTarget is 12.5 AFR, the ECU will inject less fuel in order to hit the leaner target lambda value... assuming the ECU has good data for the fuel injectors, the engine should hit your new lambda target without needing to make adjustments to the VETable.

There are some good videos here on HPAcademy that demonstrate this and other basic tuning concepts using an AEM Infinity ECU, you should be able to find them by searching for 'AEM Infinity' in the Webinars section.

This video is more of a marketing video than an how-to demonstration for tuning an Infinity ECU, but there are detailed screen shots showing the VETable from a turbocharged car around 1:25-1:40


thanks for the info scott, after I read your post I started digging alittle further and realized that the ecu wasn't reading anything over 5 psi and while my dyno was reading the boost increase I saw myself increasing the ve as if it was not calculating what I needed (because it was not reading the higher boost) and found out afterwards it was a faulty map sensor, so yea the ecu was doing its job but when not given the correct information it would seem as if it wasn't, but again thanks for letting me know that infinity already had boost compensation built into its fuel strategy it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out the issue since I most likely would not have looked at sensor at first

Glad to hear you got it sorted. We've heard of vibration damaging the internals of MAP sensors over time. Even with an aftermarket stainless sensor it's a good idea to mount the MAP sensor on the chassis (not the intake manifold or the engine) if the vehicle has stiff or solid engine mounts.

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