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AEM Infinity 5 13b Spark Signal Issue

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Hello all, my name is Quinn and im new to the aftermarket tuning field and this is my first fitting of a standalone ECM.

I have a 1990 Rx7 FC fitted with an AEM 506 and a 36-1 hall effect sensor kit. I also swapped the old ignition coils out for 4 AEM Dumb Coils and an AEM 4 channel Driver. My issue is I am getting no spark. I have checked the plugs, plug wires, coils, and my wiring. Now my worry is when I checked my wiring I found that I had made a knuckleheaded move and wired the "ECU Coil Output " on the driver to the coils and the "Coil Negative Terminal" to the ECM, essential wiring it backwards. Did I fry my Coil Driver? Did I fry my ECM? Id appreciate any advice on my situation and if I have to send the ECM out to be repaired, so be it.

I will include my logs just in case. The logs is me attempting to start it a few times while I was checking for spark.

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What did you wire the coil neg from the driver to? I'm not 100% on the AEM driver but most ignition driver units will be switched earth, so it if was just a digital or analog input you wired to it shouldn't have caused damage, if you pulled down an ecu 5V rail you may have put too much load on an internal supply but that would probably show up as incorrect TPS, MAP air and coolant temperatures too. Are you sure the wiring is now correct, you have switched ignition power to the coils and the ecu is configured for sequential fire on those outputs?

Thankyou for the response Michael, I appreciate the help.

I wired the Negative on the driver to a known good chassis ground. The coils are indeed on a 12v switched ignition circuit and I can verify 12v all the way up to the pin in the connector for the coil. The ground for the coils are straight to the block which are verified good. The ECM is set up for sequential fire (Mazda 1-2). I did notice in my logs that my sync state will blink and ill have a crank error. Will this prevent a spark signal? I can say that I wired the injectors similarly and they are certainly working.

Im not familiar with AEMtuner but just had a quick poke around with your file. How do you view the current engine configuration settings and things like trigger setup? If I go to >wizards>Setup wizard I see these settings but it doesnt seem like they are actually your current settings - it seems more like this just has some default settings. For example Ign type is set to distributor and there is no crank/cam sensor type set.

Your log suggests it is losing sync regularly. Is there some way to log or capture the crank signal/waveform (like a trigger scope) in the infinity?

Your wiring mistake with the ignitor shouldn't have hurt anything - it would have just grounded the ign outputs. The 12V from the coil feeding into the trigger side of the ignitor could have potentially fried that though. But I would investigate the sync issue first.

Hmm, I just tried saving my own file and that wizard does seem to show the saved settings.

So if I am working this software correctly it appears you have may some basic configuration problems. Unless there is some software/firmware mismatch that makes the settings display wrong.

When I view your file I see the following settings that dont look correct:

Ignition type set to distributor.

Cam/crank sensor not set up. I think you would want the universal 36-1 mode and you will want the "no cam sync" option checked.

Injection is set to 2 per cycle - their rotary base map has it set to1 per cycle - but then the help text says a cycle is 720 deg so that seems ambiguous.

Sorry about that, it was set to distributor because i was at the "try everything" point in my diag. These logs bellow, I took last night. Set to sequential ignition and Semi Sequential Injection ( fire every 360 degrees). As for the crank sensor, it is set to 31-1 hall crank and hall cam and cam is set to ignore.

I Included the directions to the the kit i used. The trigger offset is said to set to 60. As soon as you change the offset, the "36-1" setting disappears, but the crank signal still works. Im not gonna lie, im completely lost as to what to look for next.

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