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Aem infinity dbw problem

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Have an infinity 708 on a 2006 corvette. Dbw is Controlled by infinity. Has been working great for a year. Now at idle I see the infinity giving a close signal to the throttle as desired throttle percent decreases and the Tb is not reacting. End up getting a tracking error and the dbw becomes enabled. Thought I had a bad Tb so put a new one on and same thing. Both Tb’s will not go below 18% throttle even with the bais table with extremely high negative values. Starting to think ecu may have a problem. Any suggestions on what to check or try next.

Hi jack i would be checking for a ground issue this is an issue I see a lot,

Regards Ross

The ground comes from the Aem. It’s a sensor ground. I have noticed something else now. At idle the DBW1_Current [A] is zero. On a log I have where everything is working the current at idle is .1. Almost like now it’s not sending power to the tb for it to make adjustment even though it’s calling for it.

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