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This may be a stupid question which I apologize for in advance. I have a customer that was playing with a diablo sport tuner and unplugged causing a u0100 code which is loss of communication with the ECU I had told him prior to him leaving the shop if it is a bad ECU we can go back to factory or go to a stand alone system I am a P1 performance distributor which they have AEM products the only question I have because he seems to want to go to the standalone system. Is the "plug and play" harness going to allow him to keep stock gauges as well as everything else that is factory on this car? I appreciate any info AEM doesn't have a lot of info on this. I feel confident on tuning this NA LS3 with the courses I have gone through 2 or 3 times I just don't want to have him spend 2k on something to figure out we need to buy more stuff for it.

Unless I've missed it, you haven't actually mentioned the car here? I believe that the product you're referring to is simply a plug & play harness for the LS3 engine rather than an ECU for a specific car. You need to be careful here because if my assumption is right then you'll be able to make the engine run but nothing else in the car (gauges, auto trans etc) will function.

Correct I finally got ahold of AEM and they were able to get me lined out thank you.