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Aem Infinity Knock Detection additional Knock Detecting System Audio Headphones neccessary?

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Hi Guys

i am a bit confused if the aem infinity ecu knock control system is sufficient. I thoght it is a next gen ecu whichc has all functions safe.

But I saw a lot of posts and tuners here using the Plex Knock Monitor in addition to their new ecu systems.

A lot of the Aem / Link / Ecumaster guys use this in addition, is it correct that these systems arent not that precise as the audio knock headphones systems with amplifier?

I d be better safe than sorry.

thanks in advance

All engines produce noise, that can be interpreted as knock by the ECU knock detection. This noise is different for all engines, and that noise threshold needs to be adjusted so the ECU doesn't interpret the noise as knock, and start pulling timing. If you suffer from hard knock, the ECU will usually detect it even if the table is straight out a base tune, but if you want to get the optimal performance of your engine, it is better to adjust it. I would say it depends also on the modifications of your engine, if you replaced internal parts, or you just changed the intake system.

I have attached what the engine noise table in the ECU Master looks like.

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