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AEM Infinity RB25 Problems

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Hi Guys, first time posting here, I can usually find what i need by searching on here or other forums but I've ran out of places to look and have ran out of ideas on things to check. A couple of weeks ago we took our rb25 powered Z32 to the dyno in preparation for a drift event, car made 349hp on 18psi of boost with E85/E98 in the tank on a conservative timing table. On a couple of the runs we noticed a slight hiccup when getting on the throttle at around 2500rpms which is where we were starting our ramp runs, added a bit more fuel since i noticed it going lean when it would happen,and it cleared up. fast forward to the night of the drift event and the car started to have the same issue but way more noticeable, felt like a bad misfire, pulled the plugs all were even, didn't have spares so just cleaned them up a bit which had no effect. problem only got worse as the night progressed to the point that the car could barely get out of the line, If you stay in it it will rev past 2500rpms and rev up to redline no problems until you want to modulate the throttle. Once home the problem only got worse to the point the car wouldn't start, the injectors were cleaned and flow tested before the Dyno so i knew those were good, fuel pressure is stable and rises with boost, tried different coils, has new spark plugs gapped to 0.020in, ended up changing the timing belt since timing belt stretch was mentioned as a possible problem, after replacing the belt, the car does start and idle but has the same issue where if you press the throttle it bogs down and sometimes even dies. we replaced the cas with an AutoDream Hall effect kit which uses a 24-1 trigger pattern on the exhaust cam, is hould mention that was changed long before any of these problems presented themselves. If you read all this and would like to take a look at my calibration and see if ive missed something i would greatly appreciate any help.

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I think your VE table need some work in these area. In the 1500rpm region at low vacuum you are running 71 VE and at WOT, you are running 70 VE.

Usually, your 3D graph should be smoother with no peaks / up and down.

When you say you added extra fuel to fix lean mixture at 2500 RPM - did you use acceleration enrichment table or main VE fueling table?

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