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AEM Infinity - Tuner V2.96 - Input Configuration Issues

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For some reason, I cannot change the assigned inputs for Coolant Pressure and Exhaust Pressure. They're both on AN11 and the Wizard only gives each sensor AN11 as an option for assignment. Anyone experience this before?

Hi Jason, yes I think I've struck something similar with our Infinity where the inputs are restricted for certain sensors. I'm not sure if this is a hardware or firmware limitation in the infinity sorry.

Yes, some of the functions are locked to certain pins and others can be reconfigured. Sorry if that's inconvenient, it's a tradeoff we made for simplicity and/or less memory use and/or development time. Hopefully you can shuffle some of the other functions around to work around the things that aren't able to be moved. If you're completely stuck let me know and it might be possible to expand some things in future updates.

I recently ran into this with my infinity 308, would have been nice to know this while making a the harness, all the docs show is that its an analog input not specific ports for sensors. In my case I need to wire in two water pressure sensors (IC and engine water ) looks like coolent pressure channel wants analog 11 pin, what about the second? Does AEM have these documented so where or did you just need to look at each input function in the tuner?



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