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Aem infinity unstable connection

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Hi, I am having a bad time trying to work with the AEM Infinity let me explain:

Ignition ON engine OFF the PC do not disconnect at all everything is fine butas soon as I start the engine the PC keep getting disconnected each 20/30second, I have tried another mini usb cable but that do not work .I am using this same PC to connect to other EMS like Hondata, OMEX and megasquirt without any problem .

I am using plug n' play harness honda H22 Engine

I have tried USB 2.0 and 3.0 Port

Hope someone can help me.

Thank you!

have you tried a ferrite bead on the coms cable another thought is to fit a noise suppressor to the ignition power circuit to reduce interference to the ecu.

Thanks for you’re answer, I’ve not tried ferrite bead ! I’ll try that asap !

then if it don’t work I’ll try a noise suppresor.

thank you!

I’ll get back to you soon

I had an AEM Infinity years ago in a G35 coupe that had similar connection issues when the engine was running. The fix was a USB hub between the computer and the ECU. I never had another issue when connecting through a hub.

I have a brand new USB hub laying out, I'll try that too!

Thank you very much for your help

Problem solved !

I have tried ferrite bead and that didnt work then I have tried Ferrite bead and USB hub ! Now everything work perfectly ! Not a single disconnection!

thank you very much


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