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AEM PRO EMS 1060 Issues

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Hey guys, I am having issues getting my car to start and idle properly I have tried multiple different things and I keep coming to the same result. What it's doing is, I load a base configuration and adjust the parameters for my setup, however, when I try to start it, it turns over for a couple rotations then stops almost as if its flooded. I've pulled fuel to try to stop this but I cant seem to get it to start and idle if I lean it out anymore than that. I have checked the stat sync'd and it says on when cranking. Also I am having an issue with the delay of the fuel pump kicking on of almost 2 seconds on initial "key on" I have to cycle the ignition then it kicks right on. my build is pretty straight forward it is, 96 Civic EX coupe, LS-Vtec-Turbo, "stock" compression, ARP fasteners, GT35R turbo, RC 750cc High impedance injectors, AEM fuel rail and FPR, Hondata/Omnipower 4 Bar map sensor, Edelbrock Victor-X intake and 70mm throttle body, there is more to the build just seems that this info is the most relevant. I have tried everything I can to get the car running with the EMS but can't seem to get past the issue of "locking up" and inconsistent starting. However, when I do finally get it started, it runs great while driving needs tuned obviously but it is kind of drive able. I know I am a noob with AEM so any help with this would be so greatly appreciated. let me know if there is any other information you need.

P.S. the car was tuned on Hondata S300 V3 before I got this ecu, the car is solid so I don't think its necessarily car related.

Kinda sounds like an early ignition event once it syncs and starts injecting fuel may be trying to kick the engine back which stops the starter.

Start with the basics, verify base ignition timing while cranking with a timing light, and double check the cranking and/or very low RPM ignition timing settings to make sure the timing is appropriate for cranking and starting.

Possibly also a triggering issue if the voltage thresholds or filtering is getting out of range while cranking. If possible log the crank/cam triggers while cranking and verify that it all looks correct.

Ok, so here is something strange. I was going through the ignition settings and found that my car started with the distributor for the 88-91 b16a settings. I checked a few things and found my car would start just fine with the ignition set at its max of 72.6 degrees of timing. the distributor is on normally and I've checked and re-checked everything. Is there a way to set the crank offset to dial the timing back down to a normal timing value of ~17.5-18.5 degree?

Here is a little bit more information on that, I rechecked the timing on the motor, I found that the ecu thinks it's at 72.6° timing, but when I check with my timing light it's at 22.6° timing. So somewhere there is 50° of ignition timing. Is there somewhere in aem pro to account for that.

With the AEM you have to sync the timing so the actual timing value agrees with the value the ecu beleives it to be. Its normally not out by 50 degrees though. What happens when you set it to the correct setting for your distributor?

The distributor setting in the ecu is back to the proper setting for distributor type. But still have to have the timing set to 76.2° for it to start.

What you need to do, is get a timing light on cylinder 1, lock the timing at the ecu to something simple like 10 degrees. There should be a timing lock feature in there somewhere. Once its locked, see where its at on your crank, if its not at 10 degrees like youve commanded, change that offset value that youve mentioned until it is 10 degrees. Then you know that the ecu and engine are matching. That 76.2 isnt actual degrees commanded, but, an offset. Changing the offset changes what the ecu thinks the timing is at. For example, on 2jz our trigger offset is usually around 64 degrees if we have correctly wired the reluctors in proper polarity, and have the correct capture edge

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