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AEM Series 2 S2000

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Hi Guys.

Needed a little help , have a aem series 2 plugin ecu in a a 1999 S2000 F20C Supercharged.

Problem is both PW1 or PW2 are not outputing so I can not control idle air.

We have had the car running for some time with ignition idle control until we

could sort this.

Is there a test fuction in the ecu that I can setup?

All wiring has been checked to ecu, power and earth supplies checked out as

well. Ecu on is asking for the % duty but just nothing going on at the output.


If you switch the output to "Always On" does it turn the relay (or solenoid) on? are you running the solenoid through a SS Relay? Did you set the PW channel parameters correctly?

Hi Rob

Yes as far as I am aware the settings/parameters are correct as I can turn to "always on" then move a parameter outside of where the engine is and it will turn off. No i am running the stock S2000 idle air control solenoid direct as per the stock honda wiring.


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