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AEM v1 rb25 CAS sync issues

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Hello, i have a rb25 neo in a r33gts, i am running a S2 harness on the engine.

i have had the v1 on my car for 2-3 months and it ran fine, i recently tore the intake and exhaust side off the engine to switch to a plenum and a gt3076r as well as convert to MAP.

i am having issues getting the CAS to sync to the ECM while i am turning over the engine via the key, if Cas is removed, grounded to the intake and spun by hand it cycles all the injectors and Sync Status is ON.

when i did the conversion to MAP i used the sensor ground, and signal wire for the MAF sensor, and got my 5v reference from the TPS 5v ref.

if i load the basic rb25 maf basemap that aem included into the ecu it will start up, but it will not idle, basically misfires for a few seconds then dies.

once adjustments are made to change to speed density etc. nothing.

im pretty fresh to all this and have a friend helping remotely via desktop connect to try and help me, however we havent made a ton of progress.

i am using AEMPRO V1.19