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AEM v2 manually adding injectors

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Hello, I need to check my reasoning is correct since the AEM power forum is no longer active and I have an old ECU.

My injectors aren't on the list for the AEM injector wizard, however within AEMtuner I found a table for bat offset injector and I found the injectors' manufacturer data for latency / offset / deadtime compensation. Am I right in saying I can merely enter these numbers in to manually add my injectors? based upon my desire differential fuel pressure?

ASNU 1000cc injectors

AEM v2

Toyota supra 2JZGTE


that in theory will work but please be carefully and check the mapping straight away to be sure

Regards Ross

Thanks for your input Ross.

I guess what I asking as well is; If I make changes in this table, will that be enough? Ie: I am hoping the bat offset table only uses 2 variables. Because in the AEM injector wizard - when selecting an injector, you cannot 'not' select an injector and so I am editing a already selected injector table and I am only editing those numbers, and not other data like whether the injectors is high impedance etc

So I thinking I should select the closest injector within the wizard then change the bat offset primary table numbers to my ASNU data.

Side note, i should of bought a motec or syvecs to learn with seeing as hp use these ecu's too :/

Side note -- You still can. Sometimes, the sooner you recognize that what you have isn't suitable and switch to something that can do the job, will be the most cost effective solution.

I would expect that AEM support would be able to help with this, or tell you it's not possible.

Do you know, I didn't consider that :D

Thanks for the help david, I contacted AEM and thought I'd post their response for future search reference.

Thanks for all help!

"Yes you can choose something close and reconfigure with the proper injector data from the manufacturer.

There are two spots in the software that you need to account for on injector data. Fuel trims tab will have the batt offset table and the wizard will have the flow data change.

Make sure to reference the injectors that are programmed for the base calibration. "

excellent result!

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