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as the title AFM is reading at 0 g/s and my afm.c is reading 0mg as well. im not sure what has caused it to do this, but it has put my ecu at 144% knock control and, as you can imagine, making my car extremely rough. My a/f ratios are still acceptable from my stock wideband sensor.

a little background info.

car is a 2013 civic si. I'm tuning using Hondata Flashpro.

the car was running perfectly fine the night before...granted was still dialing in the tune. I tried installing a different MAF sensor which i knew was good and still am having the same issue. My IAT is still registering as well. so far i've only had luck setting my knock retard at 0 across the whole table..that way i can still drive the car since its my only vehicle. my next step is removing the IM to check for obstructions. not sure what wouldve got in there but its possible. any help would be greatly appreciated