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so am tuning a honda fully built single cam through Ectune and done this several times i got ID 1000cc injectors precision 58,58 tuned the cruising and seems fine with afr's but whenever i hit wot i get 10AFR in all gears any tip would help....

not familiar with their software but is it going into open loop when you do it? Is there any thing in any other part of the software that effects some sort enrichment when WOT under boost? Did you get the map fully tuned under WOT? Little bit more information and I believe someone should be able to help

The software got the exact options as the s300 it got the tps tip in only I’ve tried to play with it but got the same issue, and can’t tune the wot since all the wot afrs is 10 so this is my issue here, and yes am running open loop

What are you using for a wideband input? What sort of injector pulse width are you seeing vs boost and rpm when the wideband is pegged at 10.0:1?

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