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AFR data not being received on vcm scannertables

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I am having issues with my vcm scanner not picking up a lambda/afr signal. I had setup the graphs for the eq in lambda signal and it will give me the demanded value but will not show the actual value in the graph even though both are setup on the graph system. It’s a 2006 corvette and has high flow cats with 4 wire O2 sensors so I figure these should be wideband. I have no oxygen sensor codes and none of the codes in the listing for the mil are turned off. I haven’t tried checking with a scan tool yet to see if that will show as my scanner was sent in to be repaired, but I figured it’s possible there may be an issue with what values I chose for the graph or someone has seen this issue before. Along with such I had setup my EQ error for the maf sensor and sd tables but it will not fill the table in. Once again no codes for a mil. Figured my issue might be with a sensor that’s dependent between the 2 values but I can’t begin to think of where. Any help is appreciated.