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Afr goes really rich tuning issue or mechanical

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Hey guys I have an fc rx7 with a s5 streetported turbo engine. I’m running a haltech elite550,1000cc injectors,fmic, aem fuel-pump,Oem s5 turbo,and I’m premixing so no Omp.I had the car tuned and it was running pretty good until one day it just started going really rich when I got into boost 9afr and Lower when it does that the car bogs . the previous afr in boost was about 10.5, upon going over everything I noticed my injectors were clogged so I had them flow tested and cleaned. Now after I had them cleaned the ve map was really rich so I started trimming out some fuel. I took out all boost controllers and plumbed the wastegate back to oem so I should be getting factory boost settings. Can someone give me any advice on these numbers in the ve map? Does this look like I’m in the ballpark of what it should start looking like ?

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Anyone ?

Very open ended question, are you asking only about the vacuum numbers? They could be ok, depends on a lot of other factors. As far as your numbers go in boost they shouldn't be so static. Youd need to post your actual map to get more information in my opinion.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry for the vague kinda open ended question I’m new to the tuning side of things and I’m still learning a lot as I go along. I’ll try to post my map later on today. I guess what I was trying to ask (well part of my question) is does those ve numbers look okay for a turbocharged rotary? I’ve seen other maps with the ve numbers that’s are way higher in boost. Would this possibly be because of the size of the port and the turbo charger? I’m running a factory turbocharger

here you go

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good luck there dont seem to be much help in these forms usually just alot of unhelpful comments or go never answered

Expecting someone to invest up to an hour of their personal or professional time for free for a stranger on the Internet is a big ask. I like helping people but my time is limited as is the case for most people. You wouldn't expect someone in a cal lab or workshop or data analyst to work for free if you fronted up to their workplace.

It may be far and few but I understand that not everyone will be wiling to invest the time to help to their full abilities and I can accept that and I don’t expect someone to invest all that time for free, if needed I’ll compensate them for their time. I know it’s a big ask. I just wanted to see if anyone ever came across this issue before and if the values in the ve map seem high or right around what a rotary engine should be at I know it would be almost impossible to give a pin point answer to that but I just wanted to know if It was in the ballpark.i got ALOT or learning to do on this subject,and through this website I’ve learned a lot so far.Once again thanks for all the input fellas.

If the car was running fine and suddenly changed, it is either an ECU input that is affecting the result or, (if you can rule out sensors), it is a mechanical issue (vacuum leak, bad rotor seals, or similar).

Thank you for the reply the compression seems fine although I’ll have to do a compression test to be 100%sure. The engine hit starts perfectly fine and cold starts are fine as well. the sensors are new. Well at least the air temp and coolant temp are but I’ll double check them and see. I checked for vacuum leaks but I’ll double check again. Thank you

Did you end up speak with Ryan over on rx7club beyond the thread you posted? Before he was banned he was right, there is a lot wrong with the map you've provided, the VE numbers being static with RPM increase is just the beginning. So to answer your question no, your VE numbers do not look right, this is why I was asking if you were concerned about boost vs vacuum and mentioned the lack of shaping in my first post. Update us on what you're trying and how its affecting your drivability.


I'd look at this place as a repository for information and discussion with direct access to both high level hobbyists and professionals alike. This means a bit of effort and mutual respect should be used beyond 'how do i do this' or 'what do i use to tune a car'. I think you'll notice that people who have posed their questions like "Hey, I'm having problem X, and I've tried Y, do you think it could be Z?" have far better traction in forums like these. Even if they're completely wrong effort goes a long way, at least for me.

thank you for taking the time to look at the map and giving your advice. No I actually didn’t get to speak to Ryan and Wasn’t aware that he got banned that sucks. And yes I was speaking about the numbers going into boost. To be honest that was the first time I got a look at the map and saw what my tuner did. I was a bit stumped when I looked at the things he did and I was just scratching my head as to why.That’s why my question was so open ended because I’m also new to the tuning side of things, I’m trying to learn as much as I can on the subject so that I can properly communicate the issues as well. I’ll be doing a heap of research and trying to figure this out. Thank you guys for all your time and input.

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