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AFR vs EGT = Fuel vs Igntion

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Now this is something i always wanted/saving up, to do, install 4 EGTs and 4 Widebands on a car just to see how best i can balance all cylinders. Now my thinking was/is i have 4 Widebands, if i balance the AFRs, can i then use the EGTs to help me find the best timing per cylinder.


In my own experience with this exact configuration I'd say no. If you haven't seen it already, check the thread I made on my own testing and results here: https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/general-tuning-discussion/show/individual-cylinder-lambda-vs-egt-interesting-results

Really the dyno is the best place to test and optimise your ignition timing. That's not to say these sensors are useless but they may not give you the data you're expecting.

Let's consider the implications of trimming the fuel to achieve consistent lambda across all cylinders: If for example we need to remove 5% fuel from one cylinder in order to achieve a consistent lambda, this would infer that we have less air entering that cylinder. If we're combusting less air and fuel then it would be sensible to assume that this would result in a lower combustion temperature and finally a lower EGT. So on this basis it's reasonable to expect that if we achieve consistent lambda, our EGT are likely to be different and vice versa. Of course the combustion charge isn't the only aspect affecting EGT but it's a large consideration.

this stands out the most for me...

i have the EGTs already so i would still go ahead a install and learn from the data what i can, i will do the same setup on one of my boosted drag cars, and see what i can pick from there...