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Aftermarket drive by wire systems?

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Hi Guys

Looking for recommendations for drive by wire systems that can be run using a Motec M150. Has to be have a stepper motor to actuate ITBs and a dual sweep pedal position that can be adapted to an existing pedal box set up. Ive seen the Kinsler set up. Any other recommendations? Thanks Russell

You don't want a stepper motor, you want a servo motor. We can supply one from AT Power that we've used with the M1 We're sending one to MoTeC to be calibrated and added to the M1 Tune drop-down menu:


There is also one available from Jenvey, including documentation on using it with the M1:



Throttle pedal is too unique to have a common answer -- I've used OEM pedals, Tilton pedals with Penny & Giles sensors, even an Audi R8 sensor connecting to the existing throttle cable (allowing switching back to cable throttle in the car).

I'm in the process of mounting up an AT Power unit on an ITB manifold. Will be running it with an M800. I'd be interested in the calibration data once it's been characterised by Motec.

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