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AIM Logger/Dash

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Guys, Has anyone had any experience with the AIM Logger/Dashes? Am looking to a logger/dash and feature per dollar the AIM range (on paper) looks pretty nice.

Keen on any options or ideas on what people have had good luck with.



What do you want to log and then what you will do with your logged data?

What ECU are you running? AIM is poor with support, especially what comes to CAN communication and channels you want to log.

feature per dollar I think now when Motec has lower price for CDL3 it is the Dash with best features per dollar.

The AiM systems can be very cost effective, and do offer a lot of value. Support in the US and many parts of the world is excellent, but it depends on the importer of the product and their dealers.

AiM has lots of ECU support (http://www.aim-sportline.com/eng/download/ecu-connections-racing.htm) and they are quite willing to add new ECU's if you can provide them the technical information.

I am also a dealer for MoTeC, and appreciate the flexibility of their dashes and logging products. If choosing one of the club level products, you need to make sure that any features you need are possible, many products are de-featured in unusual ways to keep the cost low. For example, the CDL3 is missing timers. Not ordinarily a big deal, but many clever configs count on using Timers to implement some control strategy on the Auxillary Outputs.

David Ferguson

Veracity Racing Data

The AIM product is a great option at a reasonable price point. AIM's CAN templates are not user definable which can be a problem if you're trying to do something a little out of the ordinary but if you're just wanting to get data from a popular ECU then you shouldn't have trouble.

For me the dash is probably actually less important than the analysis software and here Motec in my opinion has an advantage with their i2 software. Before you make your final decision make sure you compare the AIM dash to the price of Motec's CDL3 as it recently had a large price drop making it quite an attractive option.

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