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Airbox vs Ambient pressure

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Hey tuners,

I am trying to fine tune engine with MoTeC M1 and I am wondering about difference how to estimate "Engine efficiency mode". There are 3 options:

Manifold, Ambient, Airbox. So Manifold Density is - ok, but what difference with Airbox and Ambient pressure while estimating Engine Efficiency?

Kind Regards,


I would say...

Manifold for forced induction.

Airbox for when an airbox is used - especially if fed from a high pressure area.

Ambient for when the intakes are open to atmosphere, like independent throttle bodies.

IF it is a common plenum with a MAP sensor, then Manifold Pressure, this is for NA or Forced induction. The Ambient and Airbox options are more for when you are using Throttle Position as the Engine Load Normalised Mode.

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