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ALM-CAN To G4+ Help

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I'm trying to add an ALM-CAN sensor into my Vipec V88R3 ecu and am a bit over my head. I have everything wired up correct and on Can2 but the settings are where I get lost. Can anyone assist in the setup with this? I've attached the map I'm working with. Thank you in advance.

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  • 4.22.18-Smoothed-Lambda-Table-Turbo-FX-Tune-Ride-Active-Fuel-Pressure-Sensor.pclr
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G'day Shane.

I see you've got your CAN2 channel set to the right speed, 250kb/s, but you'll need to create a custom reception stream, as I don't think Link/Vipec have a pre-made one for the ALM-CAN. I can help you with this, can you confirm which model of the ALM-CAN you have? They publish their CAN data transmission format, so we should be able to get this working :-).

I fixed your map, you just hadnt loaded the stream file into user stream 1. Also I turned off the "PLX" lambda device that you had assigned on AN Volt 9 as you cant have both a CAN and analog device writing to the same parameter.

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GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I'm going to load it up when I get home!

Well I gave it a try and still no luck. Going over the instructions it says I need 120 ohm terminal resistors could that be the issue? If so do they just splice in before the connection into the ECU?

Looking at the Schematics for that ECU this morning, I'm not even sure if you can use CAN2. CAN2 is connected internally to a K-Line adapter for the dashboard. CAN1 appears to do the RiDE system. Where are you connecting to CAN2?

With it running can you open up the Runtimes screen (F12) and take a look at the CAN tab. Report back if CAN2 is a nice block of green or is showing red errors.

Can you double check you've got CANH and CANL wired around the right way? Its amazing how often they get mixed up. Adam is a legend and has setup the parameter for reception in your used stream, so you should be able to get it working.

It most likely wont be the lack of termination resistors stopping it from working, as with the length of wires we're dealing with in our cars, the network will usually still work without termination resistors. That being said, best practice is to always include them.

I'm connected to the Can2 pin 3 for low pin 6 for high. The riva racing pinout that came with the ecu shows them open. I wouldn't be surprised if it is an internal thing yamaha jetski do use Kline for communication of factory items and says its using Can1. Might be stuck using 0-5v with this setup. I'll take a look at the runtime values.

Screen shot of the can info from the runtime screen

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