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Analog in to CANBUS?

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Hi there!

To minimalize the wiring into the ECU i want to use CANBUS as much as possible. The challenge with this is that there are a lot of analoge sensors. The question is regarding the option or method to convert these analoge inputs to an CANBUS signal. How do you guy's approach this? With keeping in mind that a purchase of all new CANBUS sensors is not preferred. I would love to learn what options are availible!

Thanks so far!

Kind regards,


We sell the Autosport Labs AnalogX, and the MoTeC E888 and E816 expanders. Texsys also had a CAN device that supported several analog channels. If you can work with 500k bit CAN baudrate, then AEM has an expander device for their dash products that is documented.

We also use Dash Logger products that can produce CAN output. MoTeC dashes, and newer AIM MXx series dashes are good examples.

I use CANChecked products for this, for example their CFE18, adding 9 analog inputs and 9 digital inputs.


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