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Analogue to digital converters for speed sensors on MKIV Supra

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Hi all.

I'm almost set to purchase the Link g4+ plugin for my Mkiv Supra.

Almost done with the courses, ready to try my hand at some road tuning.

I want to setup the traction control as well, so will need to convert the speed sensor signal.

What products are popular to use? I see Motec have one, will this be ok for the Supra with the link setup?


You could look into using a max9926 based "VR conditioner"

Run it from 5v and it will output a 0-5v square wave signal.

Note the Link ECU DI's can accept a VR sensor input directly. The Supra plug-in ECU already has the VSS signal connected so you can use that for rear wheel speed. For slip based traction control however you will still need at least one front wheel speed connected. You will possibly find the frequency of your front ABS sensors is too high. Link quote a conservative max frequency of 500Hz for wheel speeds - although they usually work up to about 1500Hz depending on how hard you are working the processor. If you find you are reaching the frequency limit then you can use something like this which has a divide by 8 frequency divider built in:

Thanks Adam, appreciate the detailed reply.

Just what I was looking for..


For the wiring of the frequency divider, were is the best place to tap into one of the front wheel speed sensors? My thinking is before it goes into the OEM trac ECU?