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anti lag activation

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becoming a tuner, and have recently bought a linkg4 stand aloine ecu for my lancer evo 6, been watching your videos throughly and must say they are fantastic and doing nothing but increaseing my knowledege and confidence 10 fold, driving forwards my dream of tuning full time, now ive fitted the ecu and using the skills i had a knowledge from learning from yourselfs have managed to make the car quite impresisve and maintained drivablility, on the dyno it did 480hp on a stock evo 9 turbo, but the antilag activation has got me puzzeld, can i use a spare pin on the ecu to make a analoge switched input for activation, many thanks in advance

not very familiar with the G4, but having experience with other ecus there should be a launch control parameter where you can set your ideal configuration . For example, on the Hondata s300 theres a launch control parameter. In there you see 4 steps like launch control activation, launch settings, fuel and ignition, and burnout rev limit. launch control activation i leave always on untill about 10 mph. on the launch settings i keep the limiter at 4k, and on fuel and ignition for the anti lag i would do 4k with 30% fuel enrichment and -25 on timing (generally). now on the burn out rev limit you choose your activation (AC switch), or create your own input and wire it in. same concept as launch settings where you choose your rpm limit. I hope i gave you some ideas on how to configure your setup on your G4!

Is it a plug and play link you've got?

You can use any input for switching on functions, each input that you've got into the ecu but you can also get the expansion cable and use one of those.

brilliant thanks lads truly grateful

A nice function is also is 2D launch control base on wheel speed Disarming.

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