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Anti lag EGT limit

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Can anybody tell me the approx. EGT limit when using anti lag?

It might depend on the situation or the car setting, but just want to know approx. numbers.

Now it's around 800 to 900.

My car is evo8 RS rally car linkecu g4 plug in.

Additionally, are there any EGT differences when using Titanium blade (TD05HRA) and Inconel blade (TD05HR).

Thank you in advance.

Hi kentaroo, the maximum EGT depends on your hardware limits, mainly valves and turbo, and also depends on the measurement point.

Limit just before turbine for recent turbo on production engine is 950°C (without dispersion), but as I said it depends on your hardware, maybe your turbo material is different from recent ones.

Usually temperature at outlet port is lower than just before turbine, the difference depends on design and total exhaust flow, it as to be taken in account.

Hey kentaroo, Leo's comments are on the money - The limit is due to your hardware. Antilag gives the exhaust valves and turbine wheel a very hard time. Personally I try to stay away from antilag where possible (a lot of people want to set up antilag for the crowd pleasing aspect which isn't a great reason to place a lot of stress on your turbo/engine imho), but in rally or hillclimb applications it can offer a real advantage and hence can be considered a necessary evil.

When it comes to antilag setup, I suggest starting with a very mild setup with a small amount of air bypass and ignition retard. Once you have tested the setup you can gradually start increasing the aggressiveness of the antilag operation to get to a point where it is working to your liking. This will allow you to reach an effective setup while placing the minimum amount of stress on the engine and turbo. I would try and keep the EGT below 900 C if possible.

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