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Anyone dealt with ATI or Fluidampr

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We have a 4 cylinder turbo which i have been developing and have reached the point where we are revving to 9200rpm and may take it to 10000rpm with the change to a dry sump setup.

At the moment im just using a 800g solid aluminum pulley, while its not spitting out mains bearings I know that as this RPM keeps increasing we need to look at harmonics long term

Has anyone have experience with dealing with either of these companies when needing a custom damper.

The thought was to send them a pulley so they have something to copy from along with general information of the information as its a 81mm bore/89.3mm stroke so very similar to a honda B series

i have found Ati very helpful about 8 years ago when i was helping develop a water powered diesel engine and had a strange harmonic. i went them a HZ recording of the engine at different rpm and they custom made a damper to suit

Regards Ross

ATI is doing custom damper for toyota uz engines, so they might be as well doing other custom pulleys.