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Anyone knows how to mix E85 by myself?

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does anyone know how and from what to mix E85? I'm asking because the pump E85 what I can get is shitty, and even my tuner said that it would be more convenient to buy some quality one somewhere (anyone have some good contacts in Europe?) or to mix it by myself.

I would like to know the exact ingredients and the measures and if it's even possible to mix it at home.

Thanks guys.

Hardest part may be finding the ethanol, but as it's used in a lot of industrial processes, it may not be that difficult* - some may supply it in 20 litre drums, some 209 litre (or thereabouts) drums. If you're lucky you'll be able to buy it in 17 litre lots in 20 litre drums (one of our local suppliers did that) so you can easily add 3 litres of your preferred petrol/gasoline to make a 20 litre drum of E85 up. As you speak the same language, I'd suggest checking out their web sites, e-mail them or telephone them to see what options they have for you.

They may also be able to put you in direct contact with a reputable supplier of E85. You may be able to buy actual race standard E85 from someone who imports 'race' fuel by the drum, but that may be the most expensive way. There may also be a problem with any tax due on the fuel, if used on the road.

VP don't seem to have a reseller in your country, but one of the countries that do might be able to ship it to you -


I just buy 97 percent pure ethanol and mix it with high octane race gas at specific proportion.

PS people consuming spirit in different ways think i'm crazy

Tell them it is poisoned and you have to burn it in the car - both true.

Stop them if they try straining out the poison with bread - apparently some have tried it!