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anyone seen this before?

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hey guys. im working on a 2009 TTS TFSI AWD.

got the car working very well boosting nicely and everything has lots of power.

took it on the dyno and then it did this (see files below)

Any ideas what could cause this?

the boost just goes away on the dyno but its there on the road

Attached Files

If it's a dyno with poor awd speed synchronisation or the acceleration is more than some kind of threshold it is probably implementing some form of traction control or driveline protection.

I heard some cars have G Sensors that detect if the car is moving, and it can activates traction control / close the throttle if not. I think I saw it on my friend BMW M240i, the dyno graph was basically a series of bumps of about 60 WHP.

Yea thats what i was thinking. AWD messing around.

They dont have proper dynos where i live. It makes tuning really hard.

So if you guys see a biiig McDonals sign on your map now you know why

Hey Enzo, some TTs have a dyno mode where they run in FWD only. You can turn it on with ODIS in self diagnosis so I'm guessing vag com/vcds anything decent will be able to do it too. I think I read that you can turn it on in some TTs by turning ignition on, putting hazards on, flat footing the accelerator 5 times. The ESP light comes on and you can start your car. It stays in FWD mode till you turn the hazards off. As a disclaimer I'd still put it on a 4wd dyno though.

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