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So I had posted this question in the launch control forum back at the beginning of the month and have not gotten an answer yet.

When tuning launch control on an automatic car that has a transbrake, since the videos explained only manual transmission cars, where do you set the launch RPM to? Is it before stall speed? After stall speed? Or just where ever it best launches the car?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Damen, apologies I missed the question earlier. The specific launch rpm still needs to be tuned to suit the actual car so it's really not a factor of the stall speed of the transmission (although that does need to be selected based on the car and engine power too). With a 5000 rpm stall convertor, as the engine starts making boost and produces more power, you'll often end up with the rpm spiking well beyond the stall speed and this is where the launch limiter can be useful.

Ahh ok, the setup is basically going to be a street/strip application. maybe 75/25 as my days off dont line up with test and tunes and events. It'll be a (shooting for at least) 500whp LM7 5.3 with a single 7875 on pump e85 with th400 and 3000-3500 stall and transbrake and bump box. The cam i have selected for it, calls for a 3000 stall minimum since it gives a little range. Going to be going with the new Holley terminator X 24x standalone ECU as everything i need including harness to at least get it up and running, is $1000usd. Then I will order a holley dominator after some seat and track time. Since the holleys new terminator x uses the same plugs as the dominator, i won't have to change the harness and it's just a simple swap.

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