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Anyone used Tunernerd's Knock monitor pro software?

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Hey Guys,

I am looking at my options in purchasing some form of audio knock detection and have come across Tuner nerd Knock monitor pro software and hardware.

It looks like a relatively basic programme that records the audio from the knock sensor and the applies a hi and lo pass filter and also has a dynamic threshhold which i like.

At $300 it is affordable for me.

Does anyone have any experience with this??

Any help appreciated.



I´m also interested in this device, is there nobody who tested it and can share his experiences?

I have used it alot and i love it. But im one of the main testers of the software/hardware so i might be biased.

There is another thread on here somewhere that i responded to recently.

Which package would you recommend?

Depends what you want out of it. If you want to log a file with RPM, MAP and AFR data then the pro is for you. If you just want to listen to the engine, make a recording of a run and be able to listen to your run(s) again (as well as a visual representation of it all obviously), then you could be ok with the "light" verson.

was just thinking if the wireless headphone makes sense

Did anyone end up getting this? I'm thinking of buying a kit also

Hi there!

I just got this in. Tonite we are setting this up on a car and map the car on Sunday. I will report back ASAP with my experience.

Edit: i got the pro version with the million wires :)

Kind regards,


Thanks Vincent, I just ordered one anyway so I guess we will both find out very shortly. Let me know how you go

will do!


Hi there!

Finally sound some time to come back the the forum.

We tested the knock monitor last week. We set this up connecting only the rpm probes, 1 knock sensor and attached the ground from the engine block to the single black probe. We got the rpm coming in strong. We did found that the wiring was quite extensive. Taking 2 usb ports on my laptop: one for the data feed and one for the external sound card.

I have sound that the software was quite buggy. It did freeze/crash quite a lot of times. Also the audio coming in on the wireless head set was hard to dial in to to acceptable knock detecting volume. I assume that i am doing something wrong there. But after some hours we gave up on the audio.

The visual of the knock detection was quite nice and straight forward in configuring. It did gave me some insight on what was going on but without the audio coming in strong i was still not confident enough to continue this way.

With that said i connected my knockblock to a second knock sensor and used that audio.

I would love to hear other people's experience about this product and love to learn.

Kind regards,


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Same experiences for me. Feels little buggy and takes time to get settings right, also quite poor instructions. When adjusting laptops master volume, it messes up the program too. I tried to get map too, but car became running very lean and stalls etc :o When I take blue probe out of map sensor connector, it cames back to normal :o


Get a proper tool.


Tuner nerd simply perfect ! Last week recived mine i was impressed how accurate detecting even light knock ! For increase the sound should go to audio settings . For me working good comparing to phormula pro

Price is very salty for Plex V2, for a guys who want to just learn to tune their own car :(

I just picked this up with a buddy. I'm sort of disappointed to hear about the wireless headphones being hard to dial in. I'm hoping that's a setting and not actually the case, it was kind of the whole point of getting this system.

I haven’t got mine yet but I did speak extensively with the support team before I purchased. He was very helpful. Those of you that are having issues with it, did you contact support?

Any updates or reviews on this? I canceled my order with tunernerd and I'm debating going with a link G4+ knockblock for now.

Any updates or reviews on this? I canceled my order with tunernerd and I'm debating going with a link G4+ knockblock for now.

I have the Pro version and am encountering some issues with the bundle. Having said that, the support team is working with me to solve the issues I am facing. We'll see how it goes. Oh, the knock sensor look pretty much like Chinese copy.

The bugs described here have since been sorted out.

-The 5V output now fixed, works all the time now

-The random freezing while knock detected now fixed,

-The headphone Bluetooth is optional, you can still connect direct to wire. We found the Bluetooth to have a small delay.

-The knock sensor is the Nissan version that is internally grounded. Used with the unit there is no problems but if you should attempt to rewire polarity will be a problem. Tried a Bosch, not much different, just overall quieter - but the Bosch are usually not internally grounded.

-Map sensor be sure to ground the knock monitor at the ground of the sensor and not on the car body. There is a potential difference (voltage) between sensor ground and chassis ground.