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So I'll be working on an air cooled 930 porsche next week and I was curious if you had any experience or input on tuning an aircooled motor vs a traditional liquid cooled engine? It's running a 71mm turbo, e85, and is a fully built engine including some expensive head work.

I know in the porsche community there is this tendency to run things incredibly rich leaving a lot of power on the table with the intent of keeping head temps down. To me this is foolish, but having never tuned a big HP air cooled motor before, I'm curious as to what your thoughts are.

I've never personally been involved with tuning an aircooled engine, however running a rich mixture is the generally accepted practice to help control the combustion chamber temperature. Unfortunately this will usually come at the expense of sacrificing engine power. You should be able to get an idea of the requirements by keeping a careful eye on the cylinder head temperature. The way you approach tuning the engine will also depend on the way the engine will be used. For instance a street car will stand being tuned a little leaner as it is unlikely to see the constant high load running of a circuit car.

Running on E85 is a good start!. It will run a lot cooler than on straight Gasoline.