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apexi fc and rotary questions !

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Hi !

i have some questions, I drive a mazda rx7 fd3s with a 13b rotary engine and a Apexi FC

does the apexi FC cut ignition or fuel when hitting rpm limit on the rotary engine ? ( i can only find that it cuts ignition on rb25det )

What do you recommend doing on a rotary engine ? it is really sensitive about misfires so do you recommend to cut fuel,ignition or both on the RPM limit or maybe some thing else ?

and the last question ! is it safe to hit the RPM limiter with a rotary engine and for how long can you do it at a time ? ( give or take )

i do alot of drifting so i need to hit the rev limiter for quiet a while some time.. so i need the safest thing :)

hope someone can help me, Best regards Leo

The Apexi Power FC cut the fuel on rotary, and you can't change it.

Hi ludo, thanks for the reply!

I'm planing to change fc for a haltech ps1000 2000 or the elite but we will se what I will do.

What whould you recommend doing if you have the ability to change the cut on the rpm limit with a rotary?

Best regards

I'm absolutely NOT an expert, but If I had to choose a strategy I would certainly use both fuel and ignition cut (only on the leading plug if possible) and maybe a progressive ignition retard few hundreds rpm before the "hard" limit.

I'm no expert on rotaries either but the Link ECUs have a double cut for safety designed specially for them.

In the UK for drifting you'll get points deducted for limiter bashing, they say if you need to ride the limiter then you need to use the next gear and go faster lol. Obviously it depends on gear ratios but I have to agree with them, either fit a longer diff or a shorter one and use the next gear up, that way you avoid limiter bashing and your engine has more chance of surviving

This comes down to the rotary engine's fragile apex seals. An ignition only cut that is common place in a piston engine can damage the apex seals through the resulting unburnt fuel and air exploding in the exhaust. A fuel cut is deemed a safer option for a rotary however on built engines with better apex seals its still common place to use an ignition cut on a rotary engine for 2 step launch control in a drag application.

Link have a specific rotary only limit mode that cuts both fuel and spark in an attempt to provide a very soft limit to protect the engine.

i also run a single turbo 13b rew, with power fc, i was told that the fuel was cut to the rear rotor for the limiter, don't hold me to that but thats what the best mapper in the uk had to say.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time and answering my questions !

is there any special model that you have to get from link to use it with a rotary engine or will for example the newest Link g4 storm + do the job ? :)

if you use link g4 storm + whould you have to buy special cabels or are the wiring al the same and you just change it all in the ECU ?

The G4+ Storm is good for twin rotors, there is a rotary specific ECU they released, The G4 RX.

The Storm is a universal standalone ecu, you buy the ECU and a loom, choice of 3 lengths, or even just the connectors and pins to use your own wiring, wire it up and program it as you like. There is a rotary base map in the sort ware to get you started

Thanks for the answer ! Then g4 storm + it is ! :)

quick question :) can the link g4 storm + handel both high and low impedance injectors ?

and are there any thing you could do to get the link g4 storm + to work with a Android or a Ipad to se live values ? without buying there own tablet

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