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well lads recently bought an fc datalogger for my 1jz vvti chaser just wondering any one on herew have experience on then and any tips in mapping even sumone I cud ask a few questions in too get me understanding it abit more

Fire your questions up, the members will answer what they can

Bit of a problem now I was out looking at my ecu few times with no problems but yesterday took car for spin and no boost and no power I never changed any setting unless I did without knowing. Also I plugged out hand commander and car now won't idle at all . Engine is 1jzvvti

Sometimes if you go thru the menus, and move up or down, and then go back, it selects the item for use.

Example: Was playing with one the other day, just with the hand controller. Been a long time. I went into air flow meters, and went down thru the list and then went back, thinkking nothing of it. Car wouldnt run properly after. Went back in, it was set to z32 maf instead of stock because i had paged down to that maf. Went back up to stock maf, hit back, and voila, all good.

Most likely you were looking at map sensors or something and picked the wrong one?

a good habit with using the software is save all your maps. it always good knowing you have a good working map to reload, in the event something unknown happens.

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