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Hi ,

I recently had a computer problem and lost my Datalogit software but have been unable to contact Datalogit direct their facebook page doesnt seem to have any activity does anyone know if they are still trading .I am desperate to find some software as I have a car booked on the Dyno next week which is fitted with a Power FC ecu

Would be prepared to pay for software

Thanks Dave

which version did you have?

I'm interested to hear if anyone has had any contact with Datalogit recently? I've emailed them a couple of times trying to give them money for their product, but I can't get a response? I want to play with a Power FC, not something I've done before, but not keen to sit there mashing buttons on a hand controller.

I've got version 2.129 .


install it, then overwrite FC-Edit.exe with the 2.129 version update (just copy the file and replace the existing one).

I have the 2.130 update do you guys want it? i can give it

Heya Fotis, I'd be keen to grab that if possible?

And cheers for that Ray, have nabbed that file too :-). Relented and bought a datalogit from ebay last night as I haven't been able to get any response from datalogit directly in my 2 months of trying!

Here it is sorry for the late post ;) cheers

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The only problem i can't see base fuel map

Thanks for that bro, muchly appreciated.

Hey guys. My Datalogit turned up this week, came with a CD that has version 2.132 on it, have attached to this post for anyone that needs it. Have sent away an email to join their user group, will see if I actually get any response!

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Hi guys. I have an fc-datalogic and I can't get it to connect to the car. I have tyred two serial converters. I even got a new computer. Any help would be great as I can't get hold of datalogit new Zealand!!.

Regards rich

make sure the pins aren't bent on the datalogit connector. What version of windows do you have and what serial converter do you have? Is it finding the serial converter when you plug it into the USB port?

serial converter was supplied by fc-datalogit. Tyred windows 8.1 , 7, xp. Nothing.

I'd say you have a dud serial converter if windows doesn't even try to pick it up. Grab a new one and see if it helps, get one that uses the FTDI chipset, as windows 8.1 will have native drivers for it.

Sometimes, if a heap of serial converters have been plugged into the USB ports over the years, the available COM port number gets pretty high and the software you're using wont be able to find the virtual com port. You can clear out all the old serial converters and free up the COM port numbers again:


Then delete all the old serial to USB converters.

Getting hold of Datalogit is essentially impossible in my experience. I'm in New Zealand, but had to buy one from the US because I couldn't get hold of them locally.

Oops don't know what happened to this post.

I couldn't get serial/usb they provided with the datalogit to work, using an old laptop. The support group seemed to be mostly spam and the kind of questions which suggested rods soon to be outside the block.


depending on which Power FC your connected to some don't have a base map for the fueling

I have had good luck with the Iogear USB to serial converter with the Power FC Datalogit. https://www.iogear.com/product/GUC232A/

Serial converters can be a pain. Try opening the windows Device Manager and modifying the USB-serial COM port settings. The method for accessing this might depend on which version of Windows you're using. There are two slider bars that can be adjusted for speed or reliability... adjusting them a few steps closer to reliability made the difference between not connecting and working perfectly the last time I tried connecting to an old ECU using a USB-serial converter.


the user group is still active...

last version i am seeing is FC-Edit v2.132

I never had any luck getting in to that group. is it even still there?

I Ourchased the datalogit directly from the New Zealand but have struggled getting to drips with it.

I'm gonna repost this here. I started a seperate thread, but hopefully some of you here can help. What is the proper method for fueling changes. I've heard 2 theories. Tuning fuel with the Inj Map, and tuning fuel with Base map. Some people say to set the Inj map as a target lambda, and tune the Base map to hit the Inj map values. Others have said to set Inj Map to 1.0 and just tune the Base Map. Which do you guys prefer and the advantages and disadvantages if done one way or the other. P.s. anything special to get the blackbox datalogit to connect to laptop with Windows 10? tried several time last night and no device detected, even though I had the correct Com port selected for the Usb-serial connector....Tried autoconnect, but got asked if ignition was on, from software.

Any Help, would be most greatfull, i Have the drivers sorted so windows 10 recognises the serial to usb, downloaded the software of this thread for FC edit V2.132

plug in and do as the software says, it keeps saying have you turned on the ignition? which i have, but just keeps scrolling, looking for fc, ignition and so on, but doesnt see the ecu, the controller is plugged into the flylead box and that comes on, so i know the ecu is seeing the box.

your thoughts please.

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