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Apexi Power FC… Is it still good for the job or is it best to upgrade?

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Hello everybody! As the title says: Apexi Power FC… Is it still good for the job or is it best to upgrade? I'll explain a little more.

I own a S14 with a sr20det blacktop fully rebuilt with 264 bc cams, gt3071 twin scroll and full race manifold, 850cc injectors, cp pistons manley rods etc..

I am currently running a Apexi Power Fc ecu (still using the maf), with its dedicated boost controller and datalogit. What I'm really worried about is it seams that my Ecu is too slow compared to all the new stuff i've upgraded.. being that the turbo spools up so quickly, it seams like it can't keep up with it.. Not having the possibility to run lots of boost, even lowering boost its still to quick for the Ecu.

I was thinking about getting another external boost controller, but also thinking about buying a different standalone Ecu with VE tuning.

My goal is 450hp but really love seeing the turbo in full boost 1.6 bar(my target) in the 3500rpm range.

What would you do? get some minor parts to make the Power Fc work better such as a external boost controller? Or would you change the Ecu?

Thank guys!!

Could it be because of the AFM limitation issues? Im noobie and Im just guessing.

Because on my BNR34 Rb26, running PFC D jetro, 1000cc sard injectors, ex pro cams 270 10.8, in pro cams 260 10.8mm, gtx35, internal forged, running 1.8bar for 550WHP.

Hi Bill! I'm not sure.. thats why i'm asking.. :D all just seems too slow..

What seems slow about it? Are you using the PC based FC-Datalogit?

What AFM are you using?

I'm sorry I didn't explain myself very well.. What is slow is the ecu to pc communication.. My AFR is on point! Its a AEM uego. The readings are good and quick as other compared on the car. A brand new uego and a brand new Innovative.. The pomblem I have is that while i make a test run and log it, the communication between ecu and pc seem's to be to slow. I seem to be missing many spots on the graph..

I think my ecu has a to old technology..

I am road tuning just to let know.

It's no doubt that communications between ECU's and computers now are a lot quicker than when the PFC was designed back in the 90's.

Are you datalogging onto an Excel file or just using the ghost to see which cells the ECU is hitting?

I don't usually have any issues with coms, are you sure your laptop is running clean? I always shut down everything non-essential when mapping to map sure nothing is using the computers RAM and slowing things down

I bout a laptop just for tuning.. nothing else is running on it. Also tried another laptop and guess what.. same thing :( But i'll give a look on my laptop just to be sure.

I am using the excel file to datalog.

Thanks for the advice..

I tend not to use the Excel file for recording the dataloging as it does as you describe and miss boxes, the usual reason for this is because you've passed through the cells quickly, try using a higher gear to slow down the rate of acceleration, just keep an eye on your road speeds

Hey Chris! i Was doing pulls in 3rd.. i am now using 4th gear and seams a lot better.. Thanks!

My new mechanic isn't really convinced of the pfc and he keeps telling me i need to change it with a Efi euro 2, which he doesn't even sell or install, and he hates that z32 maf..

Your welcome, glad to help.

The Z32's serve a purpose, I've started using Z33's as they are a quarter of the price of a good Z32. The only trouble is getting a hold of the plugs for them

I bout a brand new z32 maf. I didn't know you could hook up the z33 maf to the pfc.. I've heard people using the GTR maf cause of the low price new! I'll need to look this up, its interesting..


would any one of you have an English version manual for Power fc d jetro sr20det?


Hi AswadAli,

All of my d-jetro manuals are in Japanese, if you have any specific questions regarding tuning then ask them in the forum, someone will be able to help you

Sorry bout not writing anything at all lately, but i was very busy. I also was able to sell my Apexi Power FC. I have decided to change ecu and get some professional help. Not only the person will be letting me assist in all the tuning process, at least I can do a hands on and compare the fantastic HP lessons!

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