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at start, no ign.

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is it possible of making a map which cuts fuel and ign for the first 5/10 seconds when starting the engine for first time in a while ?

the idea is to build up oil pressure before the engine starts.

i was think of using the GP rpm limit table. ect and "engine running time" on the axis's. then set te rpm limit to 0 .(see picture)

Linkg4+ plug-in (r53 mini+)

mini r53 turbo conversion.

i hope my question is clear.

dear regards,


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I've rigged something similar using a PDM15 on a carb'd setup that didn't have an accusump in play but seeing as you're running fuel injection wouldn't it be more beneficial to reference pressure rather than time?

The oil pressure sensor is not far from the pump. So I assume it see’s pressure before it’s pumped in to the whole engine. That why I assume time is better. Need to make al log though of the start to see when the engine running time begins.

Pressure is pressure. It will be nearly constant throughout the system. The sensor will not indicate pressure until there is pressure in the entire system.

Thanks David,

i Made a table with oil pressure and rpm. Could even use it when oilpressure drops at higher rpm.

Still one question, I can’t find with the search box.

How bad is it if you stay way of the mbt timing. Except for fuel consumption and less power.

Lets say mbt is at 22 degrees (without knock) and I set it to 19 or so.


MBT is usually a plateau of several degrees, you can usually find a point that is perhaps 2 or 3 degrees less than the maximum that results in a minimal loss of power, but adds a safety margin for bad fuel, high air / coolant temps, etc.

Thanks David.

Just want a safe basic tune for a buddy. So he can drive it to a proper tuning shop.

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