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attaching a knock analyser to a rb25det skyline

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Hi guys ! do any of you have a tip on where i can put a knockanalyser on a rb25det engine ? the external knock sensor i got have a m8 size hole and al the ones i seem to find on this engine have like a m10.. any tips ? :)

Just drill the donut knock sensor carefully out to 10mm. It works fine with bosch sensors.

Otherwise you can do a srew adapter.M10x1,25 to M8 and lock the sensor with a nut. Torque the sensor to 15-18Nm.

I've tig-welded more than a few m8-m10 or SAE bolts for adapters.

I've found the easiest way is to just drill the sensor as described by Adrian. Adaptors are a good solution but often if the thread in the block is a little tight, it can be hard to retrieve your adaptor and then you need to make another one. Also you will need adaptors for M10x1.25, M10x1.5, 3/8 UNC and 3/8 UNF to cover all your options.

A few cm in front of the rear stock knock sensor is a M6 theat. Perfect spot to mount a aftermarket sensor. Same height on the bottom end. If you are under the car it is an easy fix. Long tool with swiffel. One hand hold it in place and fix it in place with the other using the long tool with a 10mm socket.

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