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Hey guys

Has anyone tuned the Vw/Audi valve lift on here?

Current have the cams locked in high lift at the moment but am not making much boost below 3500rpm , while driving the car you can really feel the dead spot.

I was thinking that the low lift (millers cycle) could help spool the turbo's quicker? Also were will the change over point be from low to high lift, is it load,rpm, boost related?

Driving the road car the power is instant, maybe i've missed something?

I have bought the factory ecu maps but that is a whole new level of complicated


The vvt has been utilized on the 1.8t 20v and 2.8/3.2l 24v vr6 for spool and na bottom end.

Mostly using it before and just after spool onset but the best way is to tune it on the dyno and stop using it after max torque has been reached, etc.

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