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Audi Boosts in Sport but mot in drive

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Hello everyone.

Im trying to figure out the method the ECU operates.

Car is 2009 audi Mk2 2.0 TFSI


K04 hybrid turbo (1.7bar boost 24psi).

HPFP upgrade autotech

Intank fp upgrade (deutchwerke 340LPH)

Forged internals upgrade.

Standlone electric boostcontroller.

The issue im having is the car boost perfect in Sport mode but if you shift it in drive then the boost disapeares. I limited the boost to 1.2 (factory spec) to be safe for now until i fix the issue.

Initial problems:

VCDS picked up low fuel pressure. We did HPFP upgrade no diffrence. Took high pressure pump apart cleaned it and was better but stil have low fuel pressure warning. We upgraded intank pump and that supplied sufficient fuel. No more issues.

Then to determine if the car can hold boost i disconceted the turbo waste gate line did a run with the gearshift in sport mode. Car drives perfect boosts 1.2 bar. Then when you shift to drive the car wont boost above 0.17bar. It drives well under 4000rpm and as soon as you hit 4000 its like it hits a wall loses all power and hesitates and stutters (i assume because no boost). The AFR is at 0.8lambda. Factory boost controler n75 was bypassed and mot plumbed in.

There are no mechanical faults and no boost leaks

So all i can assume is the following:

1 the gearbox acts as a dual map switch and the drive map is wrong.

2 something else is limiting or venting boost although i cant seem to find what it is.

Anyone have any ideas, because im all out?

TLDR: car boosts in Sport but not in Drive.