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Audi R8 06E 906 115E Coils weak spark with storm ecu

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i am using Audi R8 Coilpacks on BMW M52

Wasted Spark using ign 1 -2 -3

car starts but the spark plugs sometimes get fouled..i tested the coil but the spark is weak,my spark is very short even if i try to make a metal to metal contact it wont catch up to any close metal piece

pin 2-4 signal and power ground is connected together to engine block

spark edge is set falling also tried rising edge same issue

i am getting 12 volt with ign on and 13.5-13.7 engine running

what could be the issue causing that?


When you say you get 13.5/13.7V is it at the coil ?

Also, have you check your dwell setting ?

The modern VAG coils (01 and up) have a low input resistance, and sometime (depending of the ECU) they need a buffer to work properly...

These coils should deliver ~30kV (in comparison the Denso deliver ~37kV and the LS2/LQ9 ~40kV)

yes i get 13.5-13.7 at coil power pin

i tried 2ms-3ms

the resistance i tested today is 380ohm..the link storm cannot drive that coil without that buffer circuit ? do you have any data about how to build it ?


I've found during the Link ignition test, often the spark output appears to be very weak but this may not be the case in actual operation. I've got no real data to support this however it's almost like the test mode provides a lower charge to the coil or similar.

Is the engine suffering from a misfire in operation under load? I'm just wondering if the issue is due to weak spark or an overly rich AFR. more often than not you will be suffering from a misfire if you have weak spark.

Hi Andre thanks for your reply

the engine misfire under load yes it's noticeable if you rev the engine hardly(gear in neutral),and always rich..my plugs get fouled and engine would start with fresh plugs only,i tried few cranking settings but it's the spark is weak...testing other coils like nissan g16de the spark was pretty good

i measured the resistance of the coils and its 380 ohm..megasquirt guys cannot run these coils directly with the logic drivers if the resistance is less than 500,they need and external buffer circuit and some ecu board modifications with 5v signal and resistor,i am just not sure if i need to do that with my coils and how to do it with the link ecu ?

Unfortunately these aren't a coil I'm familiar with so it's hard to advise what you need to do. I've never needed a buffer circuit in an ignition system so I can't really give much clarification here either. I'll run it past a tech at Link and see what their experience is.

I've had a chat to the techs at Link and they believe the coil should work with no trouble. These coils should be a smart coil with a built in igniter which means the ECU should have no trouble controlling them. I'm sorry I cant help more at this stage. I'd be ensuring your wiring pinout is correct and checking you have a solid power supply and clean ground.

Thanks Andre for taking care of that

well i started to tune the car today,i didn't have missfire issue but the car doesn't run smoothly and feels like it lacks some power..so i am checking cam timing in the morning if not i will look back into the coils.

thanks very much for replying again.

Hi Samtronic,

If I understand correctly, you say that you get missfire and fouled plugs by revving the engine in neutral?

As Andre already mentioned, Fouled plugs can be caused by running too rich. Are you sure that you have your fueling correct? Lambda sensors can fail, and it could be worth verifying with another sensor. If you are running rich to the point of missfire you should also be able to smell it.

For the coils, you really need to know if they are triggering on falling or rising edge. If they are triggering on rising edge and you have set the ECU to falling, the spark will not occur according to the ignition map. The dwell time will interfere. Another thing is that you risk putting too much heat into the coils if you have rising/falling set wrong (not sure if this is a concern with smart coils though). I would suggest that you test by manually triggering one of the coils.

Hello, I'm interesting to know if you have solved the problem because, I will use the same set up on a M42 bmw engine. Also I can't find information about wiring pin out of r8 coils. There is any diagram about that ?

Thanks you very much

Spafk blow on these only wit LINK ecu. Oscilloscope Test signal from Link ecu is 0.7v (reason for weak spark in test mode?) .oem.bosch motronic ecu signal is around 4.75-4.77v. Link ecu is 6.1v . What seems to be the problem with link controler?

I know of quite a few Link users successfully using "R8" (I dont know the part number however) coils on relatively high powered engines. They seem to be popular in Europe and the Middle east. I have never had any report problems of a weak spark. Link ignition drives can drive 2A so should be able to drive almost any "internal ignitor" coil.

"Spafk blow on these only wit LINK ecu. Oscilloscope Test signal from Link ecu is 0.7v"

Link ignition drivers have a pull up to 7V, are you sure your oscilloscope probe wasn't set to "10X" during this test?

You should see near 7V during the "dwell" time (anything above about 4V should work), and near 0V when spark is commanded.

If you donot see this then please contact Link tech support for help trouble shooting.

I was refering to test mode on channel: it is o.7v ( when you activate test on the respective chanell), in normal mode ignition mode is 6.1v . There are too many revisions on these coils. I will check secondary signal.with osciloscope

If it easy for someone to give me a wiring pin out for r8 coils, it was very helpful for me. Thanks you.

1 : 12V plus

2: ECU ground

3 : trigger signal

4: cylinderhead ground


Thanks you very much Claudiu.

This is how the link fury ign signal looks like.

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